UnionsACT Statement to ‘Secure Local Jobs Bill’ Assembly Inquiry

The following statement was made on 12 September 2018 by UnionsACT Secretary, Alex White, to the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism’s Inquiry into Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Amendment Bill 2018. UnionsACT is the peak council for the ACT’s union movement, representing 24 unions and over 33,000 union members. Many tens of thousands […]

UnionsACT Submission to the Inquiry into Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Amendment Bill 2018

UnionsACT supports the proposed Bill to amend the Government Procurement Act and create the Secure Local Jobs Code. We have a long-held view that the ACT Government procurement policy must be used to advance a progressive, pro-worker social and economic agenda, entrench good conditions and high wages, and promote local industry capabilities, skills, secure jobs […]

UnionsACT Submission to the Independent Review into Work Safety

Although UnionsACT did not called for it, we welcome the establishment of an independent review into work safety in the ACT. UnionsACT has campaigned for a stronger, better resourced work safety authority for a number of years, recently through our Weaksafe campaign An independent examination of the Access Canberra/WorkSafe ACT’s work safety compliance and enforcement […]

UnionsACT Submission to ACT Zero Net Emissions Discussion Paper

UnionsACT supports the ACT Government’s ambition to become a zero carbon Territory. The union movement in Canberra and nationally has played a vital role in protecting Australia’s environment and advocating for rapid climate action in the past and we will continue to fight for the sustainability of our environment to protect our economy, societies and […]

UnionsACT Budget Submission 2018-19

UnionsACT’s 2018-19 ACT Budget submission is now available for download. Our Submission focuses on six areas: Strong and well-funded public services and emergency services Secure jobs, rights at work and workplace safety Quality public hospitals and aff­ordable healthcare Quality, well-resourced schools Tackling inequality and ensuring fair taxation Public ownership of public assets and services Our […]

UnionsACT submission to Inquiry into Billboards

UnionsACT strongly supports the existing restrictions on billboard advertising. This restriction preserves public spaces from commercial advertising (a pernicious form of privatisation), protects jobs in the tourism industry, promotes social inclusion, maintains the aesthetics of our ‘Bush Capital’ and has other economic benefits. You can download the full submission here.

UnionsACT Submission to Select Committee Inquiry into an Independent Integrity Commission

Download the Submission here. UnionsACT is the peak council representing 24 unions and over 33,000 working people, their families and communities. One hundred thousand more have their conditions of employment shaped by the work of our affiliates. More than 15,000 Canberrans support the work we do through our community campaigning. We have a long and […]