We Are Union


We are building a people-powered movement for a better future, more secure local jobs, quality public services, well funded schools & hospitals, and a strong economy for all people in Canberra.

Thousands of union members and supporters are mobilising across the Canberra region. This is a campaign powered by everyday working people in unions, their families and friends.

Support Jobs - UnionsACT 2015 rally

Better, Brighter Canberra

Canberra's union members are organising and mobilising to build a better, brighter city for all. Our vision is a territory with strong public services, secure and safe local jobs, well funded schools and hospitals, and a strong economy. We need a government prepared to stand for Canberra against the unprecedented Federal Liberal Government attacks on our city.

Over 8,000 local public service jobs have been wrecked by the Federal Liberal Government since the 2013 election. Many hundreds more jobs have been destroyed in social services and small businesses because of the Liberal Government's cuts, lies and broken promises. That's why we're campaigning for a local government that stands up for Canberra and will fight for the issues that working people care about.