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Needs Based Funding for Education

UnionsACT supports the Gonski campaign in the ACT and in Eden Monaro, and we work closely with affiliates like the AEU and IEU to promote needs-based funding for our education system.

Gonski funding is designed to ensure that every Australian child, no matter what their background, can get a high quality education. This funding began in 2014, after the independent Gonski Review warned too many children were missing out on the education they needed due to a lack of resources.

The review, headed by respected businessman, David Gonski, said Australia was under-investing in education and not delivering funded to where it was needed most. Under the Gonski plan, all schools are funded according to the individual needs of their students and what is required to educate them to a high level.

Schools can use the additional resources to better meet the individual needs of students. The ways they can use the funding include:

  • Reducing class sizes
  • Employing additional specialist teachers in areas such as literacy and numeracy
  • Providing greater assistance and support for students with disabilities or behavioural problems
  • Building the skills and knowledge of teachers.